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Ford Motor Company US Privacy Notice
Effective on: January 1, 2023

Ford Motor Company is committed to be a trusted steward of the personal information you provide to us. We collect and use this data to help fulfill and build on Henry Ford's vision of providing affordable, safe transportation to everyone. Today, we rely on data to incorporate state-of-the-art technology into our products and services, improve quality and safety, minimize environmental impact, and make our vehicles more enjoyable to drive, own, and use.

If you are the owner or driver of a Ford or Lincoln vehicle, please note these important privacy safeguards:

By using Products that display, link to, or refer to this Notice, you acknowledge the disclosures and obligations in this Notice.

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What This Privacy Notice Covers

This Privacy Notice (this “Notice”) explains our collection, use, and disclosure of personal information, including information we collect through our Products, at offline locations and events, and from third parties.

This Notice covers and applies to:

Additional privacy details may be provided in your vehicle owner's manual. Owner's manuals are available at the following links:

What This Privacy Notice Does Not Cover

This Notice does not apply to:


When you purchase or lease a Ford or Lincoln vehicle from an authorized dealer, some information you provide to the dealer is disclosed to Ford. Ford's privacy practices (as described in our privacy notices) apply to personal information the dealer discloses to us, whether in connection with the purchase/lease transaction, vehicle service you may receive from the dealer, or joint marketing activities.

Please be aware, however, that dealers are separate legal entities from Ford and have their own privacy practices. You should contact your dealer directly if you have questions about their privacy practices. Although we encourage dealers to fully satisfy their legal obligations (including those relating to privacy), Ford is not responsible for dealers' compliance with law.

United States Only

This Notice applies only to personal information collected about individuals in the United States. If you are located in another country, please review the Ford privacy notice that applies to your country.


The personal information we collect depends on how you interact with us, the Products you use, and the choices you make. We collect personal information about you in different ways and from different sources, including through the Products we provide. Details about our privacy practices relating to Ford and Lincoln vehicles appear in the Connected Vehicle Privacy section below.

Information You Provide to Us

You provide information to us in various ways, including when you create or modify an account with us, use our Products, make a purchase from us, ask us for information about our Products, sign up for an event, enter a contest or sweepstakes, contact the Customer Relationship Center, or otherwise communicate with us. For example, we collect the following:

When you are asked to provide personal information, you may decline (such as not entering a credit card to use wallet services in the FordPass mobile app). But if you choose not to provide information that is necessary for certain Products, those Products may not function correctly or be available for use.

Where Ford makes chat features available, we utilize vendors, such as LivePerson. Our vendors that support chat features only use chat communications to support and improve the Ford chat experience.

Information From Your Vehicle

Ford and Lincoln vehicles have systems that record data about how the vehicle is performing, how it is driven, where it is located, and the environment where it is operated. This data may be associated with a vehicle's unique identification number (“VIN”) or other identifiers, and VIN or the other identifiers may be linked to you.

If your vehicle is equipped with Connected Services or has factory-installed connectivity technology capable of electronically transmitting vehicle-originated data to Ford, we may collect the following categories of information from your vehicle:

Which categories of information are collected from your vehicle typically depends on how the vehicle is equipped for connectivity; in other words, what connectivity technologies, software version, data sharing settings, and Connected Services are present and what selections have been made for the data sharing settings. See the Connected Vehicle Privacy section below for details and data category definitions.

In limited situations, we may collect Vehicle Location, regardless of location settings. We do this to protect and defend our rights or property (including repossessing a vehicle in the event of a delinquency) or to comply with applicable law, to respond to valid legal process (including from law enforcement or other government agencies), or, in the event of exigent circumstances, to help prevent the loss of life or serious injury or help protect the personal safety of Ford personnel, users of our vehicles, websites, or apps, our visitors, or the public. For additional details about these situations, see the “Our Disclosure of Personal Information” section below.

Information From Your Devices

When you use our websites, mobile apps, online services, and other Products, we automatically collect some information from the devices you're using (such as mobile phone, tablet, smartwatch, or computer). For example:

You may use app or device controls to prevent certain types of automatic data collection. But if you choose not to provide or allow information that is necessary for certain Products or features, those Products or features may not function correctly or be available for use.

Information We Generate About You

We generate information from the data we collect. For example:

Information From Other Sources

We obtain information from others when you direct them to disclose information to us and also from the following sources:

                    - Advertising and Analytics Companies: Please see the Cookies section of this Notice for a description of how we receive information from advertising and analytics providers.

                    - Joint Marketing Partners: We may receive personal information from partners with which we offer co-branded services or engage in joint marketing activities.

We may combine personal information we collect from any of the above sources.


Our websites, mobile apps, and other online Products use cookies, pixels, tags, trackers, and similar digital technologies to operate and to help collect data. Cookies are small text files placed on your device to store data that can be recalled by a web server in the same domain that placed the cookie. The text in a cookie often consists of a string of numbers and letters that uniquely identifies your device, but it can contain other information as well.

Cookies on our websites are used to store your preferences and settings, help authenticate your Ford account and enable you to sign in, provide interest-based advertising, combat fraud, analyze how our Products perform, personalize your experience and the content you see on our website (such as by displaying vehicles you have previously viewed or searched for or by conveniently auto-filling data fields in online forms), and fulfill other legitimate purposes.

Our websites may also contain electronic images known as web beacons (also called single-pixel gifs) that we use to help deliver cookies on our websites, count users who have visited those websites, and gather usage and performance data. We also include web beacons in our promotional email messages or newsletters to determine whether you open and act on them, and in our ads appearing on other sites to measure the performance of those ads.

Our websites often include web beacons, cookies, pixels, tags, trackers, and similar digital technologies from third-party vendors. In some cases, that is because we have hired the third party to provide services on our behalf, such as site analytics or advertising. In other cases, it is because our web pages contain third-party content (such as embedded videos, maps, plug-ins, or ads) that contain digital technologies used to track operability and performance of the content, as well as your interaction with the content to determine its effectiveness. When your browser connects to a third party's web server to retrieve content and/or web beacons, that third party is able to set or read its own cookies on your device and may collect information about your online activities over time and across different websites or online services that also contain that third party's content or web beacons.

For example, our online Products use third-party tools (such as Mouseflow, Dynatrace, Amplitude, Adobe, and Google Analytics and other Google services), to support the operation and performance of our online Products and to analyze your interactions and experiences with our Products, including the features you engage with, how you navigate, and your click/touch, movement, scroll, and keystroke activity.

You can find out how Google Analytics uses data here and how to opt out of Google Analytics here. For more information on how Google uses data when you use our websites, click here.

You can also find more information on Mouseflow's privacy practices here and how to opt out here.

For more information about the privacy practices of the other listed companies, please review their privacy policies.

You can learn more about how to opt-out of certain cookies and other technologies by visiting our Your Privacy Choices Page.


Interest-Based Advertising

As noted above, on some pages of our websites we allow third-party advertising partners to use cookies, web beacons, and other digital technologies to collect or receive information regarding your activities on those web pages (e.g., your IP address, page(s) visited, time of day, and other identifiers). We may also disclose such information we have collected to Advertising and Analytics Companies. These companies may use this information (and combine it with information collected over time and across other websites, apps, or other digital services) for purposes of delivering targeted advertisements to you to provide measurement services when you use Ford Products, and when you interact with other (non-Ford) websites and online services. This practice is commonly referred to as "interest-based advertising" or “online behavioral advertising”.

You can opt out of certain cookies and other technologies by clicking on the Cookie Settings link in the footer of our websites. You can also learn more by visiting our Your Privacy Choices Page and the additional information below.

Industry-wide opt-outs. Many advertising and analytics providers are members of associations, which provide a simple way to opt out of analytics and ad targeting, which you can access at:

Mobile advertising ID controls. Apple and Android mobile devices each generate an advertising identifier that can be accessed by apps and used by advertisers in much the same way that cookies are used on websites. Each operating system provides options to limit tracking and/or reset the advertising ID.

Browser controls. Web browsers vary on whether they are set to accept or allow various types of cookies and similar digital technologies by default. You can go to your browser settings to learn how to delete or reject cookies. If you choose to delete or reject cookies and similar digital technologies, this could affect certain features or services of our website. If you choose to delete digital technologies, settings and preferences controlled by those digital technologies, including advertising preferences, may be deleted and may need to be recreated.

Do Not Track. Some browsers have incorporated “Do Not Track” (DNT) features that can send a signal to the websites you visit indicating you do not wish to be tracked. Because there is not a common understanding of how to interpret the DNT signal, our websites do not currently respond to browser DNT signals. Instead, you can use the range of other tools to control data collection and use, including the cookie controls and advertising controls described above.

Email web beacons. You can disable web beacons in email messages by changing the settings on your email client to prevent the automatic downloading of images.

Adobe Experience Cloud Device Co-op controls. Ford participates in the Adobe Experience Cloud Device Co-op. This Co-op allows Adobe to better understand how websites and apps are used by linking various devices that appear to be used by the same person. In turn, it helps companies who are members of the Co-op, including Ford, create websites, apps and ads customized for you, across all your devices. You can learn more about the Co-op, how it works, and how to opt-out here.


We use the personal information we collect for purposes described in this Notice or otherwise disclosed to you. For example, we have used personal information for the following purposes, including:

Finally, we may de-identify information we collect about you (including Connected Vehicle Information) and use it for any purpose in accordance with applicable law.


We disclose personal information with your consent, when you direct us to disclose it to others, as necessary to complete your transactions, or provide the Products you have requested or authorized. For example, when you provide payment data to make a purchase, we will disclose that data to banks and other entities as necessary for payment processing, fraud prevention, credit risk reduction, or other related financial services. We also disclose personal information to:

                    - For example, if you are financing your purchase or lease with Ford Credit and Ford Credit asks us to locate your vehicle due to default of your agreement with Ford Credit, we may disclose Vehicle Location with Ford Credit.

                    - If you create a Ford account, we disclose your account credentials within our family of companies so you only need to remember one username and password to access our online and mobile Products (if supported).

                    - SIRIUS XM. We disclose Contact Information to SiriusXM so that SiriusXM can provide satellite radio offers to vehicle purchasers, including offers for paid subscriptions.

                    - Advertising and Digital Analytics Companies. Please see the Cookies section of this Notice for a description of how we work with advertising and digital analytics providers.

                    - Social Media Platforms. We disclose hashed emails from our marketing database or other information we have collected as described in this Notice to social media advertising platforms, such as Facebook, so that they can create Custom Audiences and deliver advertisements on our behalf to their users. Those users are identifiable to the Social Media company when it matches our hashed data to its hashed data of its users.

                    - Joint Marketing Partners. We disclose information to partners with which we offer co-branded service or engage in joint marketing activities.

                    - Vehicle Verification and Valuation Partners. We disclose information about factory-installed vehicle features and options to third parties such as auction companies, insurance companies, dealers, lenders, guidebook providers, vehicle websites, and prospective buyers so that they can verify a vehicle's features and options and estimate its value. The features and options information that we disclose to these third parties is linked to the unique vehicle identification number (VIN).

                    - Comply with applicable law or respond to valid legal process, including from law enforcement or other government agencies;

                    - In the event of exigent circumstances, to help prevent the loss of life or serious injury or to protect the personal safety of Ford personnel, users of our vehicles, websites, or mobile apps, our visitors, or the public;

                    - Detect, investigate, prevent or otherwise address fraud or privacy issues;

                    - Operate and maintain the security of our products, including to detect, investigate, prevent, stop, or remediate an attack on our computer systems or networks; or

                    - Protect the rights or property of ourselves, our affiliates, or others, including by enforcing our agreements, terms, and policies.

Finally, we may disclose de-identified information (including Connected Vehicle Information) to others in accordance with applicable law.


Our websites, mobile applications, and other Products may contain links to other content, products, services, features, websites, mobile applications, platforms, or properties that Ford doesn't own or operate (“Other Sites”) even if they look similar to ours. Please be aware that Ford is not responsible for any Other Sites, their content or operation, or the privacy policies or data practices of the third parties that offer them, even if you access them via our Products, including:

For example, some of our website features incorporate the Google reCAPTCHA tool, which collects hardware and software information, such as device and application data, in order to perform integrity checks and help prevent bots from using the feature. Your use of the reCAPTCHA tool is subject to the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Ford is also not responsible for third party applications or services that are governed by a privacy policy other than Ford's and that may:

For example, some of our websites and online Products include mapping features provided by GoogleHERE, and Microsoft (Bing Maps), which will collect and use personal information, including location information. If you use those mapping services, provide personal information to any of those third parties, or consent to our disclosure of personal information to them, the personal information they receive is governed by their privacy statements available via the above links. For example, if you use Bing Maps you agree to be bound by the Bing Terms of Use and Microsoft Privacy Policy.


Access, Correction, and Deletion

You can access, edit, or delete some of the personal information we have collected by logging into your account and accessing the information displayed in your profile or account settings.

For example, if you sign into your owner account on the Ford website and then select your profile, you can view and change your personal information and information about your vehicle(s), as well as change your email contact preferences.

If you are a participant in Ford's New Vehicle Purchase Plan (for eligible Ford Motor Company employees, retirees, Family and Friends, and certain employees of Ford dealerships, suppliers, and other partners), you can access your personal information related to the New Vehicle Purchase Plan by signing in and choosing “My Profile” on (for employees and retirees), (for friends and family), or (for dealership employees). Ford partners can make corrections to personal information collected through the website by calling the AXZ Call Center at 800-348-7709.

Communications Preferences

You can choose whether to receive promotional communications from us by email, physical mail, and telephone by contacting our Customer Relationship Center (see the How to Contact Us section below). As noted above, you can access and change your email communications preferences by logging into your owner account profile on the Ford website. If you receive promotional email messages from us and would like to stop receiving messages about the promotion, you can do so by following the directions in that message. If you receive text (SMS) messages from us, you can stop delivery of further messages of that type by following the instructions provided or replying “STOP”, after which you will receive a single message confirming your choice. These choices do not apply to mandatory service communications that are part of certain of our products (e.g., recall notices).

Vehicle Controls

To delete certain data stored on your vehicle, you may be able to perform a Master Reset. For controls related to connected vehicles, please see the Connected Vehicle Privacy section below. Additional details and instructions may be available in your vehicle owner's manual.

Choices for Cookies and Similar Technologies

See the Cookies section for choices about cookies and other analytics and advertising controls.


We retain personal information for as long as necessary to provide the products and fulfill the transactions you have requested, comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, enforce our agreements, and other legitimate and lawful business purposes. Because these needs can vary for different data types in the context of different products, actual retention periods can vary significantly based on criteria such as whether your personal information is reasonably necessary to manage our operations, to manage your relationship with us, or to satisfy another purpose for which we collected the information; whether your personal information is reasonably necessary to carry out a disclosed purpose that is reasonably compatible with the context in which we collected the information; whether the personal information is reasonably required to protect or defend our rights or property; or whether we are otherwise required or permitted to keep your personal information by applicable laws or regulations. Where personal information is used for more than one purpose, we may retain it until the purpose with the latest period expires.


The personal information we collect may be stored and processed in your country or region, or in any other country where we or our affiliates, subsidiaries, or vendors maintain facilities. The storage location(s) are chosen to operate efficiently and improve performance. We take steps designed to ensure that the data we collect under this Notice is processed according to the provisions of this Notice and applicable law wherever the data is located.

Location of Processing European Personal Data. We transfer personal data from the European Economic Area and Switzerland to other countries, some of which have not been determined by the European Commission to have an adequate level of data protection. When we do so, we use a variety of legal mechanisms, including contracts, to help ensure your rights and protections.


Safeguarding personal information is important to us. While no systems, applications, or websites are 100% secure, we take reasonable and appropriate steps to help protect personal information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, alteration, and destruction.

To help us protect personal information, we request that you use a strong password and never disclose your password to anyone or use the same password with other sites or accounts.


This section applies to Virginia consumers as defined by the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (“VCDPA”) that access or use our Products. This section describes our collection, use, and disclosure of “Personal Data” (as defined in the VCDPA). You can learn more about: the categories of Personal Data we process here, the purpose for processing your Personal Data here, and the categories of third parties with whom we disclose Personal Data here. We may process your Personal Data for Targeted Advertising (as the term is defined in the VCDPA). Some of the ways that we disclose Personal Data, as described in the disclosures section, constitute a Sale (as the term is defined in the VCDPA).

If you are a Virginia resident, subject to certain conditions and restrictions set out in the VCDPA and other applicable laws, you have the following rights with regard to your Personal Data:

  1. Right to Access. You have the right to request access to and obtain a copy of any personal data that we may hold about you.
  2. Right to Correct. You have the right to request that we correct inaccuracies in your personal data.
  3. Right to Delete. You have the right to request that we delete personal data that we have collected from or obtained about you.
  4. Right to Opt Out of Targeted Advertising. You have the right to request that we stop disclosures of your personal data for targeted advertising via cookies and tracking technologies by adjusting your cookie preferences through the “Cookie Settings” link in the footer of this page. You can opt out of other types of Targeted Advertising by using our webform.
  5. Right to Opt Out of Sales. You have the right to opt out of our Sales of your Personal Data.
  6. Right to Opt Out of Profiling. You have the right to opt out of profiling in furtherance of decisions that produce legal or similarly significant effects. We do not profile in a manner that would result in legal or similarly significant effects and as such do not offer this right.
  7. Right to Appeal. If you are unsatisfied with our actions related to the exercise of one of your privacy rights above, you may appeal our decision.

You may exercise your privacy rights under the VCDPA no more than twice in a 12-month period. Virginia residents may learn more about their privacy choices by visiting our Your Privacy Choices page here or may use our request form to exercise their privacy rights by clicking here. You may also access, delete, and correct certain personal data through your Ford account. If you choose to exercise any of the privacy rights described above, you will not receive discriminatory treatment from us.


We will update this Notice when necessary to reflect changes in applicable law, our Products, what personal information we collect, or how we use personal information. When we post changes to the Notice, we will change the “Effective date” at the top of the Notice. If we make material changes to the Notice, we will provide notice or obtain consent regarding such changes as may be required by law.

Before the current update, this Notice was last updated June 30, 2022.


If you have a privacy concern, complaint, or a question for Ford, please contact us at:

Ford Motor Company
Customer Relationship Center
P.O. Box 6248
Dearborn, MI 48126

800-232-5952 (TDD for the hearing impaired)

Available M-F 8:00 am - 11:00 pm EST

Available Sat. 8:00 am – 8:00 pm EST